lydiareeds asked: Dear Buffy and Faith -

Dear Buffy and Faith,

Seriously, just get it on. (I mean, granted, that’s assuming you haven’t already, which actually might be a pretty big assumption, but.)

The amount of UST I have to put up with when I watch you two together on my TV screen is actually unbearable. I don’t understand why you can’t just get it together and use your mad skills on each other. Like, what is the hold up?

I mean, I know back in season three there was that whole thing where one of you started getting kind of evil, and there was some stabbing that went down, but we’re past that. We’re years and years later and it could even be a lot healthier now.

I mean, sure, you have a lot of issues to work through, but I hear angry!sex can be really helpful for that.

the girl who screams “are you kidding me with this ust” at her screen throughout the entirety of enemies and bad girls

P.S. Also, we-just-saved-the-world-again!sex. 

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